Intensive Outpatient Program

Muskingum Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Muskingum Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP) is a structured and rigorous level of support, offered to people with active moderate to severe substance use disorders, who want to change self-defeating behaviors, gain and strengthen healthy coping skills, and establish a healthy, supportive environment.

Individuals can be referred to IOP or come as a self-referral; however, all clients will be assessed for appropriateness to the IOP program prior to being admitted to the program.

Individuals who will benefit from IOP are those:

  • coming from residential or lock down treatment
  • with less than 3 months clean
  • not in active withdrawal
  • physically able to attend and participate in group
  • mentally and cognitively able to participate in a group setting
  • have failed at non-intensive outpatient therapy
  • require a structured program of therapy
  • experiencing intensified substance use related symptoms
  • lacking supportive environment or skills to remain in recovery

MBH IOP group members can expect to be engaged in an encouraging learning and therapeutic environment that invites positive behavioral and cognitive changes. IOP group members can expect to be treated fairly and with respect in a family like environment by licensed and credentialed addiction specialist and all MBH staff. MBH staff works as a team to provide holistic and comprehensive treatment to all clients.

IOP consists of nine hours of group therapy weekly, as well as, weekly individual therapy sessions. IOP is held in a group format and runs for 48 sessions, meeting four times per week.

Family Education Group

All participants of IOP and their family members (or support persons) should attend this weekly group. These sessions provide participants and their support system with Matrix Institute evidence-based information about alcohol and other drugs, and the recovery process. Each session includes a video lecture, a presentation, or a discussion group. This group will meet on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm and lasts 12 weeks.

Adolescent IOP

Adolescent IOP is currently on hold until further notice.

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