Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention

Muskingum Behavioral Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention

Muskingum Behavioral Health provides a variety of services designed to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other harmful behaviors to clients and the community. Family, friends and members of the community are a central part of anyone’s recovery and are often included in these activities. Our prevention services include:
  • Screening, problem identification and referral services
  • Prevention education classes in the classroom
  • Family prevention education programs in the community
  • Alcohol, drug and tobacco presentations
  • Innovative activities that encourage clients to learn new skills, respect the differences of others, and advance in their own journeys toward recovery
  • Evidence based curriculums
  • Age appropriate character education lessons
  • Age appropriate lessons on alcohol, drugs and high risk behaviors
Our Prevention Specialists and Recovery Coaches provide evidence-based activities and education on drug, alcohol and substance abuse, prevention and recovery. In group sessions, participants will:
  • Learn effective methods to avoid and abstain from drugs, alcohol and other harmful behaviors
  • Increase communication and bonding with parents
  • Learn how to keep the lines of communication open with parents during stressful situations
  • Develop a healthy self-image and self-esteem
  • Learn positive social skills for home, school and in the community
  • Parents will learn how to set limits and administer appropriate consequences
  • Discover the relationship between responsibility and independence
  • Youth learn to identify their skills and personal strengths
  • Youth learn to make positive friends and productively manage time
  • Identify other community services available for resolving family and personal issues
If you are ready to begin treatment, please contact us today and a professional counselor or recovery coach will contact you in 24 to 48 hours.

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