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Muskingum Behavioral Health Mental Health Counseling

Muskingum Behavioral Health is a state-certified treatment unit.
Muskingum Behavioral health, established in 1981, provides integrated chemical dependency and mental health treatment in an outpatient setting to assist people with chemical abuse and dependency problems. Treatment is also provided to individuals with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health disorders, those in need of opiate replacement therapy and patients with co-morbid medical issues.
Clients are treated for the physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual effects of their addictions. Most of our programs require abstinence from alcohol and all other mood altering substances. Counseling methods encompass a variety of evidenced-based techniques that have been scientifically proven to reduce and/or eliminate inappropriate substance use. Treatment is tailored to each patient’s needs. Program staff include board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric residents, master’s level therapists and chemical dependency professionals.

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